To begin with, we knew we didn't want to design a standard tee. It was key that it reminded us of Africa and, therefore, we thought it should have a bit of a documentary vibe. The big letters on the back use a typography that is reminiscent of the movie 'Out of Africa' and, together with its curved shape and the gorilla in yellow, we try to evoke the typical sunsets of the African savannah.

On the other hand, we obviously couldn’t forget one of the core ideas of the volunteer: poverty. But, how to mention it without being sappy? This is where the gorilla and the Silverbacks come in.

Uganda is one of the countries with the most gorillas in the world, so they couldn't be missing from our tee. Within each pack of gorillas there is one in particular that is the leader: the Silverback. The gorilla in the design is indeed a silverback, but we can see that he has a child lying on his back, as if covering what would be his silver. And therein lies the key.

In just a few days, 50 people are going to be the Silverbacks who will be 'carrying' many needy children. But let's hope they don't stop there. Let's hope they don't mind getting their silver backs stained and full of children riding piggyback. Because, in the end, even if the silver is covered or even if we don't see it, we know that doesn't mean it's not shining. Not only will it be shining, it will be shining brighter than ever.

May this shirt remind them of those two things: how much they enjoyed Africa and, above all, how they shone in the dust.